Back to School Tips for Families – 

Being an advocate involves understanding issues, thinking about children’s needs, and presenting solutions. And sometimes you need support. Here are a few tips:

  • Advocacy begins the first day your child walks into the classroom.
  • Be present. Build a relationship between you and your child’s teacher.
  • Know your child’s grade-level expectations.
  • Know what resources are available at the school.
  • Know your child’s guidance counselor(s).
  • Follow the graduation tracks and know the differences.
  • Ask about dual-college credits & trade certifications while in high school.
  • Take advantage of available College Tours (including Historically Black Colleges & Universities or HBCUs).
  • Hold your child accountable, but also listen to their concerns.
  • Get involved with a parent advocacy organization! 

If there’s something you don’t know, be sure to ask (especially if you need clarification). We can also help! Don’t advocate alone. There is power in togetherness.