Empowering Indiana parents to become involved, be active, and have a voice.

MISSION: Build family power through relationships while rallying behind the strengths of parents to weave together the home, school, and community, to fight for high-quality education.
VISION: Parents and families leverage their collective power to eliminate the education gap between students of color, their white peers, and increase the resources available to marginalized communities.

EmpowerED Families believes in the value of conversation and provides a safe space for parents and educators to share their needs and concerns. We host one on one meetings and small group conversations that we call “House Meetings”.


EmpowerED Families teaches parents ways to effectively advocate for high quality education within the schools that their children attend. Events and trainings are hosted to enable parents, educators and families to learn and grow together.


EmpowerED Families helps parents and families realize the power of their own voice to activate change. We help parents organize to create urgency around the issues that are most important to them.


EmpowerED Families activates parents to realize their own power and to step into leadership within schools and in communities. Our movement is led by families for families.